Schedule of Religious Services
December 2023 - March 2024

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Shiva for Hyde Jochelman (z"l)

3 - 4 November 2021

6 Carleton Drive, Moncton, NB

Wednesday 6:00 pm
Thursday 7:30 am

Happy Chanukah
Chanukah Sameach!    Happy Chanukah!
(First Candle will be Thursday Evening, 7 December 2023)

Happy Chanukah
Chanukah Sameach!    Happy Chanukah!
(Chanukah ends at sunset on Monday, 26 December 2022)

Occasional Weekday Services

Mincha/Maariv(Monday & Wednesday)7:00 pm

Holiday Services

Shavuot Services

Passover Services

Seating has been assigned.
Please refer to chart on the wall in the foyer.

As per COVID-19 restrictions, seating will be "first come first serve" - no seating reserved -







Purim Services

Wear a costume!

ErevWednesdayMarch 16Megillah Reading7:15 pm
ThursdayMarch 17Megillah Reading7:30 am
The Megillah will be read by Pinchas Yagod

Shavu'ot Services

ErevThursdayMay 28Mincha/MaarivTBA
Candle Lightingat 8:42 pm
First DayFridayMay 29Shacharit9:00 am
Mincha/Maariv7:00 pm
Shabbat / Holiday
Candle Lighting
at 8:43 pm
Shabbat /
Second Day
SaturdayMay 30Shacharit9:00 am
Mincha/MaarivTBA by Rabbi
Shabbat / Holiday ends9:59 pm

Shavuot Services

5 & 6 June 2022

Forwarded by F. Weil
President, Tiferes Israel Synagogue

Please keep this schedule handy.
It is for services next Sunday and Monday - Shavuot

Shavuot starts Saturday night late, last Sunday and Monday.

Saturday evening: it is customary for people to stay late and study the Torah the first night of Shavuot.

All who are interested to do that will be able to do it with Rabbi I. Yagod and Rabbi P. Yagod.

Time to gather: not sure yet, maybe 11:00 pm. Will confirm the exact time later.

Sunday Morning: the service will be late to give a break to those who stayed up the whole night. So we will start only at 10:30 am. Please pray Shacharit at home before coming.
We will start Torah reading at 10:30 am and then do Musaf, including Birkat Kohanim.

It is important to listen to the reading of the 10 commandments Sunday morning - so please come at 10:30 am.
It is also important that you listen to the blessing from the Kohanim. So All kohanim are invited to come and bless us. Once you are blessed, you will see that all your little problem will be over. Service will be over at 11:30.

Monday morning: service at 9:00 am

Monday afternoon: big community event organized by Aviya Kohn, please come at 6:00 with your kids. Beautiful Dairy meal.

P.S. (Added by Webmaster):
Shabbat, June 4, 2022 - Eve of First day - Light Holiday Candles after 10:03 PM
Sunday, June 5, 2022 - Eve of Second day - Light Holiday Candles after 10:04 PM
Monday, June 6, 2022 - Holiday Ends 10:05 PM

Future Jewish Holidays and Festivals (link)

Shabbat Services

Please contact the Synagogue for the times of this week's Mincha and Sacharit services.

Services are not open to the General Public. The Synagogue is considered private property.

Tentative Yontev or Rosh Chodesh times are shown in RED.

Saturday dates in RED indicate the Blessing of the New Month.


Friday Night


DateCandle LightingMinchaShabbat StartsDateShacharitShabbat Ends

1-Dec-20234:17 PM4:20 PM4:35 PM2-Dec-20239:00 AM5:25 PM
8-Dec-20234:15 PM4:15 PM4:33 PM9-Dec-20239:00 AM5:24 PM
15-Dec-20234:16 PM4:20 PM4:34 PM16-Dec-20239:00 AM5:25 PM
22-Dec-20234:18 PM4:20 PM4:36 PM23-Dec-20239:00 AM5:28 PM
29-Dec-20234:23 PM4:25 PM4:41 PM30-Dec-20239:00 AM5:33 PM


Friday Night


DateCandle LightingMinchaShabbat StartsDateShacharitShabbat Ends

5-Jan-20244:30 PM4:30 PM4:48 PM6-Jan-20249:00 AM5:39 PM
12-Jan-20244:38 PM4:40 PM4:56 PM13-Jan-20249:00 AM5:46 PM
19-Jan-20244:47 PM4:50 PM5:05 PM20-Jan-20249:00 AM5:55 PM
26-Jan-20244:57 PM5:00 PM5:15 PM27-Jan-20249:00 AM6:04 PM
2-Feb-20245:07 PM5:10 PM5:25 PM3-Feb-20249:00 AM6:13 PM
9-Feb-20245:18 PM5:20 PM5:36 PM10-Feb-20249:00 AM6:23 PM
16-Feb-20245:28 PM5:30 PM5:46 PM17-Feb-20249:00 AM6:33 PM
23-Feb-20245:38 PM5:40 PM5:56 PM24-Feb-20249:00 AM6:43 PM
1-Mar-20245:48 PM5:50 PM6:06 PM2-Mar-20249:00 AM6:52 PM
8-Mar-20245:58 PM6:00 PM6:16 PM9-Mar-20249:00 AM7:02 PM
15-Mar-20247:08 PM7:00 PM7:26 PM16-Mar-20249:00 AM8:11 PM
22-Mar-20247:17 PM7:00 PM7:35 PM23-Mar-20249:00 AM8:21 PM
29-Mar-20247:26 PM7:00 PM7:44 PM30-Mar-20249:00 AM8:31 PM
5-Apr-20247:36 PM7:00 PM7:54 PM6-Apr-20249:00 AM8:41 PM
12-Apr-20247:45 PM7:00 PM8:03 PM13-Apr-20249:00 AM8:51 PM
19-Apr-20247:54 PM7:00 PM8:12 PM20-Apr-20249:00 AM9:02 PM
26-Apr-20248:04 PM7:00 PM8:22 PM27-Apr-20249:00 AM9:12 PM
3-May-20248:13 PM7:00 PM8:31 PM4-May-20249:00 AM9:23 PM
10-May-20248:22 PM7:00 PM8:40 PM11-May-20249:00 AM9:33 PM
17-May-20248:30 PM7:00 PM8:48 PM18-May-20249:00 AM9:44 PM
24-May-20248:38 PM7:00 PM8:56 PM25-May-20249:00 AM9:53 PM
31-May-20248:45 PM7:00 PM9:03 PM1-Jun-20249:00 AM10:01 PM
7-Jun-20248:50 PM7:00 PM9:08 PM8-Jun-20249:00 AM10:07 PM
14-Jun-20248:54 PM7:00 PM9:12 PM15-Jun-20249:00 AM10:12 PM
21-Jun-20248:56 PM7:00 PM9:14 PM22-Jun-20249:00 AM10:14 PM
28-Jun-20248:56 PM7:00 PM9:14 PM29-Jun-20249:00 AM10:13 PM
5-Jul-20248:55 PM7:00 PM9:13 PM6-Jul-20249:00 AM10:10 PM
12-Jul-20248:51 PM7:00 PM9:09 PM13-Jul-20249:00 AM10:05 PM
19-Jul-20248:45 PM7:00 PM9:03 PM20-Jul-20249:00 AM9:57 PM
26-Jul-20248:38 PM7:00 PM8:56 PM27-Jul-20249:00 AM9:48 PM
2-Aug-20248:29 PM7:00 PM8:47 PM3-Aug-20249:00 AM9:37 PM
9-Aug-20248:19 PM7:00 PM8:37 PM10-Aug-20249:00 AM9:25 PM
16-Aug-20248:07 PM7:00 PM8:25 PM17-Aug-20249:00 AM9:12 PM
23-Aug-20247:55 PM7:00 PM8:13 PM24-Aug-20249:00 AM8:59 PM
30-Aug-20247:42 PM7:00 PM8:00 PM31-Aug-20249:00 AM8:45 PM
6-Sep-20247:29 PM7:00 PM7:47 PM7-Sep-20249:00 AM8:30 PM
13-Sep-20247:15 PM7:00 PM7:33 PM14-Sep-20249:00 AM8:16 PM
20-Sep-20247:02 PM7:00 PM7:20 PM21-Sep-20249:00 AM8:02 PM
27-Sep-20246:48 PM6:50 PM7:06 PM28-Sep-20249:00 AM7:48 PM
4-Oct-20246:34 PM6:35 PM6:52 PM5-Oct-20249:00 AM7:35 PM
11-Oct-20246:21 PM6:25 PM6:39 PM12-Oct-20249:00 AM7:22 PM
18-Oct-20246:09 PM6:10 PM6:27 PM19-Oct-20249:00 AM7:10 PM
25-Oct-20245:57 PM6:00 PM6:15 PM26-Oct-20249:00 AM6:59 PM
1-Nov-20245:46 PM5:50 PM6:04 PM2-Nov-20249:00 AM6:49 PM
8-Nov-20244:37 PM4:40 PM4:55 PM9-Nov-20249:00 AM5:40 PM
15-Nov-20244:29 PM4:30 PM4:47 PM16-Nov-20249:00 AM5:34 PM
22-Nov-20244:22 PM4:25 PM4:40 PM23-Nov-20249:00 AM5:28 PM
29-Nov-20244:18 PM4:20 PM4:36 PM30-Nov-20249:00 AM5:25 PM
6-Dec-20244:16 PM4:20 PM4:34 PM7-Dec-20249:00 AM5:24 PM
13-Dec-20244:16 PM4:20 PM4:34 PM14-Dec-20249:00 AM5:25 PM
20-Dec-20244:18 PM4:20 PM4:36 PM21-Dec-20249:00 AM5:27 PM
27-Dec-20244:22 PM4:25 PM4:40 PM28-Dec-20249:00 AM5:32 PM