Schedule of Religious Services
October 2020 - March 2021

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Shiva for Dr. Sheldon H. Rubin (z"l)

15 - 21 August 2018

282 Westmount Blvd., Moncton, NB

Wednesday 7pm
Thursday 8 am & 7 pm
Friday 8 am
Sunday 10 am & 7 pm
Monday 8am & 7 pm
Tuesday 8 am

Shiva visits will be from 2-4 pm & 7 -9 pm
on the above days.

Happy Chanukah
Happy Chanukah
(First Candle Sunday 22 December 2019)

Normal Weekday Services

Mincha/Maariv(Monday & Wednesday)7:00 pm

Holiday Services

Shavuot Services

Passover Services

Seating has been assigned.
Please refer to chart on the wall in the foyer.

As per COVID-19 restrictions, seating will be "first come first serve" - no seating reserved -







Purim Services

Wear a costume!

ErevWednesdayMarch 20Megillah Reading7:00 pm
ThursdayMarch 21Megillah Reading7:30 am

Shavu'ot Services

ErevThursdayMay 28Mincha/MaarivTBA
Candle Lightingat 8:42 pm
First DayFridayMay 29Shacharit9:00 am
Mincha/Maariv7:00 pm
Shabbat / Holiday
Candle Lighting
at 8:43 pm
Shabbat /
Second Day
SaturdayMay 30Shacharit9:00 am
Mincha/MaarivTBA by Rabbi
Shabbat / Holiday ends9:59 pm

Shavuot Services

Forwarded by F. Weil
President, Tiferes Israel Synagogue

coming this week-end (19 - 21 May)

3 DAYS services (the Rabbi will be present).

SHABBAT DAY 9 AM need minyan at 10 am latest

Holiday Candle Lighting not before 9:44pm
*Traditional Shavuot All Night Learning led by the Rabbi
*for more info, contact the rabbi

Chag Shavuot / Yomtov Day 1
SUNDAY MAY 20 9:00 AM NEED MINYAN at 10:00 latest
Cheder ICE CREAM PARTY Approx 12 Noon
Mincha at 7 pm
Holiday Candle Lighting not before 9:45 pm

Chag Shavuot / Yomtov Day 2
MONDAY MAY 21 9:00 AM NEED MINYAN at 10:00 latest
YIZKOR approx 11 am
Mincha at 7 pm
Holiday Over at 9:47 PM
*The Book of Ruth class ... for more info, contact the rabbi

Future Jewish Holidays and Festivals (link)

Shabbat Services

Tentative Yontev or Rosh Chodesh times are shown in RED.

Saturday dates in RED indicate the Blessing of the New Month.


Friday Night


DateCandle LightingMinchaShabbat StartsDateShacharitShabbat Ends

2-Oct-20206:38 PM6:40 PM6:56 PM3-Oct-20209:00 AM7:39 PM
9-Oct-20206:25 PM6:25 PM6:43 PM10-Oct-20209:00 AM7:26 PM
16-Oct-20206:12 PM6:15 PM6:30 PM17-Oct-20209:00 AM7:13 PM
23-Oct-20206:00 PM6:00 PM6:18 PM24-Oct-20209:00 AM7:02 PM
30-Oct-20205:49 PM5:50 PM6:07 PM31-Oct-20209:00 AM6:52 PM
6-Nov-20204:39 PM4:40 PM4:57 PM7-Nov-20209:00 AM5:43 PM
13-Nov-20204:31 PM4:35 PM4:49 PM14-Nov-20209:00 AM5:35 PM
20-Nov-20204:24 PM4:25 PM4:42 PM21-Nov-20209:00 AM5:30 PM
27-Nov-20204:19 PM4:20 PM4:37 PM28-Nov-20209:00 AM5:26 PM
4-Dec-20204:16 PM4:20 PM4:34 PM5-Dec-20209:00 AM5:24 PM
11-Dec-20204:15 PM4:15 PM4:33 PM12-Dec-20209:00 AM5:24 PM
18-Dec-20204:17 PM4:20 PM4:35 PM19-Dec-20209:00 AM5:26 PM
25-Dec-20204:21 PM4:25 PM4:39 PM26-Dec-20209:00 AM5:30 PM


Friday Night


DateCandle LightingMinchaShabbat StartsDateShacharitShabbat Ends

1-Jan-20214:26 PM4:30 PM4:44 PM2-Jan-20219:00 AM5:36 PM
8-Jan-20214:34 PM4:35 PM4:52 PM9-Jan-20219:00 AM5:43 PM
15-Jan-20214:43 PM4:45 PM5:01 PM16-Jan-20219:00 AM5:51 PM
22-Jan-20214:52 PM4:55 PM5:10 PM23-Jan-20219:00 AM6:00 PM
29-Jan-20215:02 PM5:05 PM5:20 PM30-Jan-20219:00 AM6:09 PM
5-Feb-20215:13 PM5:15 PM5:31 PM6-Feb-20219:00 AM6:19 PM
12-Feb-20215:23 PM5:25 PM5:41 PM13-Feb-20219:00 AM6:28 PM
19-Feb-20215:33 PM5:35 PM5:51 PM20-Feb-20219:00 AM6:38 PM
26-Feb-20215:44 PM5:45 PM6:02 PM27-Feb-20219:00 AM6:48 PM
5-Mar-20215:54 PM5:55 PM6:12 PM6-Mar-20219:00 AM6:57 PM
12-Mar-20216:03 PM6:05 PM6:21 PM13-Mar-20219:00 AM7:07 PM
19-Mar-20217:13 PM7:00 PM7:31 PM20-Mar-20219:00 AM8:17 PM
26-Mar-20217:22 PM7:00 PM7:40 PM27-Mar-20219:00 AM8:26 PM
2-Apr-20217:31 PM7:00 PM7:49 PM3-Apr-20219:00 AM8:36 PM
9-Apr-20217:41 PM7:00 PM7:59 PM10-Apr-20219:00 AM8:46 PM
16-Apr-20217:50 PM7:00 PM8:08 PM17-Apr-20219:00 AM8:57 PM
23-Apr-20217:59 PM7:00 PM8:17 PM24-Apr-20219:00 AM9:07 PM
30-Apr-20218:08 PM7:00 PM8:26 PM1-May-20219:00 AM9:18 PM
7-May-20218:17 PM7:00 PM8:35 PM8-May-20219:00 AM9:29 PM
14-May-20218:26 PM7:00 PM8:44 PM15-May-20219:00 AM9:39 PM
21-May-20218:34 PM7:00 PM8:52 PM22-May-20219:00 AM9:49 PM
28-May-20218:42 PM7:00 PM9:00 PM29-May-20219:00 AM9:57 PM
4-Jun-20218:48 PM7:00 PM9:06 PM5-Jun-20219:00 AM10:04 PM
11-Jun-20218:52 PM7:00 PM9:10 PM12-Jun-20219:00 AM10:10 PM
18-Jun-20218:55 PM7:00 PM9:13 PM19-Jun-20219:00 AM10:13 PM
25-Jun-20218:57 PM7:00 PM9:15 PM26-Jun-20219:00 AM10:14 PM
2-Jul-20218:56 PM7:00 PM9:14 PM3-Jul-20219:00 AM10:12 PM
9-Jul-20218:53 PM7:00 PM9:11 PM10-Jul-20219:00 AM10:07 PM
16-Jul-20218:48 PM7:00 PM9:06 PM17-Jul-20219:00 AM10:01 PM
23-Jul-20218:41 PM7:00 PM8:59 PM24-Jul-20219:00 AM9:52 PM
30-Jul-20218:33 PM7:00 PM8:51 PM31-Jul-20219:00 AM9:42 PM
6-Aug-20218:24 PM7:00 PM8:42 PM7-Aug-20219:00 AM9:31 PM
13-Aug-20218:13 PM7:00 PM8:31 PM14-Aug-20219:00 AM9:18 PM
20-Aug-20218:01 PM7:00 PM8:19 PM21-Aug-20219:00 AM9:05 PM
27-Aug-20217:48 PM7:00 PM8:06 PM28-Aug-20219:00 AM8:51 PM
3-Sep-20217:35 PM7:00 PM7:53 PM4-Sep-20219:00 AM8:37 PM
10-Sep-20217:22 PM7:00 PM7:40 PM11-Sep-20219:00 AM8:23 PM
17-Sep-20217:08 PM7:00 PM7:26 PM18-Sep-20219:00 AM8:09 PM
24-Sep-20216:54 PM6:55 PM7:12 PM25-Sep-20219:00 AM7:55 PM
1-Oct-20216:41 PM6:45 PM6:59 PM2-Oct-20219:00 AM7:41 PM
8-Oct-20216:27 PM6:30 PM6:45 PM9-Oct-20219:00 AM7:28 PM
15-Oct-20216:14 PM6:15 PM6:32 PM16-Oct-20219:00 AM7:15 PM
22-Oct-20216:02 PM6:05 PM6:20 PM23-Oct-20219:00 AM7:04 PM
29-Oct-20215:51 PM5:55 PM6:09 PM30-Oct-20219:00 AM6:53 PM
5-Nov-20215:41 PM5:45 PM5:59 PM6-Nov-20219:00 AM6:44 PM
12-Nov-20214:32 PM4:35 PM4:50 PM13-Nov-20219:00 AM5:37 PM
19-Nov-20214:25 PM4:25 PM4:43 PM20-Nov-20219:00 AM5:31 PM
26-Nov-20214:20 PM4:20 PM4:38 PM27-Nov-20219:00 AM5:26 PM
3-Dec-20214:16 PM4:20 PM4:34 PM4-Dec-20219:00 AM5:24 PM
10-Dec-20214:15 PM4:15 PM4:33 PM11-Dec-20219:00 AM5:24 PM
17-Dec-20214:17 PM4:20 PM4:35 PM18-Dec-20219:00 AM5:26 PM
24-Dec-20214:20 PM4:20 PM4:38 PM25-Dec-20219:00 AM5:29 PM
31-Dec-20214:25 PM4:25 PM4:43 PM1-Jan-20229:00 AM5:35 PM